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Home ham radio 2m coverage plots

2 Metre FM Coverage Plots for M0SBF

I used radio coverage prediction software to determine the approximate 2m FM coverage of my Newbury Amateur radio station. Click to enlarge the radio coverage plots, to view individual town names and to check geographical land Radio Coverage terrain.

50W Southern England Radio Coverage

M0SBF radio coverage predictions - 2m FM 25W

G6OES in Coventry has kindly generated these amateur radio coverage predictions from my home station on 145MHz (2 metres FM) using free Radio Mobile software. My thanks to Mike for his assistance.

The plot shows predicted coverage of southern England from the M0SBF QTH using a high gain collinear aerial at 15M. The plot is based on my base station running 50W and a mobile running 10W. Red shows fully quieting, down to blue which indicates fadeout. This map was based on me receiving the mobile (10W). The mobile antenna was a 7/8 wave vertical and my base station antenna having 6.5dBd gain on 2m.

Click the southern England map (above) to see a higher resolution version, to read town names. This is a large file and is unsuitable for modem connected users!

100mW Newbury Local Area Coverage

M0SBF radio coverage predictions - 2m FM 100mW

This plot shows Newbury area radio coverage predictions from M0SBF using very low power levels (QRP) of just 100 milliwatts. Notice the radio coverage east - west down the Kennet Valley with noticeably worse coverage to the south caused by the screening effect of the Hannington Ridge.

Radio coverage of Newbury town centre is excellent from here as it is line of sight from my antenna location. In reality, coverage to the south on both plots is probably considerably worse than the radio predictions show as there is considerable local screening from trees right behind my house and this is not taken into account.

Click the map to enlarge it (large file).

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