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Long Scart Cable

Long Scart Cables

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Gold Plated OFC Scart Lead

3 Metre length

  • Individual foil screening
  • Gold plated connectors
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Many scart leads supplied with TV peripherals, like set top boxes, are of inferior quality. Internally, the signal wires on these cables are often inadequately screened to prevent interference - known as "crosstalk".

Long Scart leads will always be more susceptible to crosstalk interference than shorter cables, as there is greater capacitance between the closely grouped wires, inside the cable.

Crosstalk can cause both picture and sound interference. In the case of the picture, it is most noticeable in the background of dark scenes of films and it can also increase picture noise. The problem is caused by video and audio signals 'leaking' between the wires inside a cheap scart cable, due to each wire not being individually screened with copper or aluminium foil.

The 3m Scart lead featured (right) uses Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) and has individual screening to eliminate interference and provide the best picture quality.

Note: Most new flat screen TV's offer a high definition HDMI interface, which is HD compatible for Sky+ HD, Freesat HD recorders and Blue Ray Players.

An HDMI lead is now the preferred method of connecting TV peripherals, rather than a scart lead, which is gradually being phased out, but is still needed for older CRT TV's.

What is a Scart Lead?

A Euro Scart Connector cross connects video and audio information between a peripheral (like a DVD player) and your TV.

Fully wired Scart leads pass S-Video and RGB signals which can improve picture quality - particularly useful for archiving Sky+ recordings to DVD by connecting your Sky box to a DVD recorder. Almost always, using the S-Video or RGB settings on your set top box or TV peripheral will give better picture quality than using the CVBS (Composite Video) setting.

Long Scart cables of 3m length offer more flexibility, allowing connection of peripherals which might be on a shelf further away from the TV. To buy the high quality 3m Scart lead use the Amazon link above.

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