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The Belmont TV transmitter in Lincolnshire provides Freeview digital TV coverage to Lincoln, Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Horncastle as well as Gainsborough, Scunthorpe, Louth and Market Rasen - subject to favourable local terrain.

The Belmont transmitter ITV1 region is Yorkshire East (YTV) and a high gain wideband TV aerial is recommended for good reception. Details of each Freeview multiplex from Belmont is provided below, with the UHF channel numbers for manual tuning a set top box or IDTV.

To check whether you are in the Belmont TV transmitter coverage area enter your postcode at the Freeview site by clicking here. For long distance (DX) Freeview coverage predictions click here. Fringe Freeview reception from Belmont is possible in Sleaford and Boston and parts of east Nottinghamshire including Bingham and Newark.

Belmont TV Transmitter UHF DTT Channels (Digital Multiplexes). After Digital TV Switchover Date - 1 July 2011
UHF Ch22
UHF Ch25
UHF Ch30
UHF Ch28
UHF Ch53
UHF Ch60

To receive Freeview from the Belmont transmitter requires a high gain wideband aerial optimised for DTT reception and properly aligned - preferably roof top mounted for best reception. Freeview digital TV is transmitted at low power from Belmont and the coverage area is limited as a result.

Many old aerial installations which are in current service will be Group A aerials (installed before Channel 5 launched). The vast majority of these old aerials will not receive all Freeview channels from Belmont, so an aerial upgrade will be needed.

Two of the Freeview multiplexes (muxes) from Belmont are on Ch53 and Ch60 - well outside the channel numbers that a Group A aerial will receive. There's better news for viewers who upgraded to a wideband aerial to receive Channel 5 from the Belmont transmitter when it launched, as these should also be suitable for post-digital swicthover Freeview reception.

For more advice read our Freeview reception problems page.

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