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Low Loss Digital Coaxial Cable

10m Coaxial Cable

10m WF100 Satellite Coax

WF100 Coaxial Cable

For Freeview & Sky Install

  • Sold in 10m Lengths
  • Includes 10 Free Cable Clips
  • Latest Spec Digital Coax
  • Copper Foil Screen
  • Low Loss Foam Insulator
Best Price 4.60 Buy from Amazon

25m Coaxial Cable

PF100 Digital Coaxial Cable 25m

WF100 Coaxial Cable

For all Digital TV Installations

  • Convenient 25 metre length
  • High Spec Digital Cable
  • Double Screened
  • Low loss Foam Insulator
  • Suits Sky or Freeview
Best Price £13.60 Buy from Amazon

100m Coaxial Cable

RG6 Digital Coaxial Cable 100m Reel

RG6 Coaxial Cable

For Freeview & Sky Install

  • Value 100 Metre Reel
  • Digital Coaxial Cable
  • Aluminium Foil Screen
  • Low Loss Foam Insulator
  • Requires 6.4mm Clips
Best Price £15.85 Buy from Amazon

Digital Coaxial Cables

The latest specification digital coaxial cable has an aluminium or copper metal foil screen to reduce signal loss as well as copper braid, forming a double screen. Double screening coax cable helps to prevent interference pickup and is essential to get the best digital TV reception, free from pixiliation, picture freezing and signal drop-out.

WF100 or PF100 coaxial cable (which is essentially similar) has a solid foam insulator which prevents water damage into the cable - a problem with the semi air spaced coaxial cables of yester year.

WF100 Versus RG6 Coax Cable

Two types of coax cable are in common use. RG6 is a cheap coaxial cable with a metal foil screen which is the minimum recommended cable for Sky TV installation work. It is slightly thinner than WF100/PF100 cable and has slightly higher signal loss. In general it is best to choose WF100 over RG6 cable for cable runs of over 35m between the satellite dish LNB and Sky box or Freesat receiver. Short cable runs of RG6 (20 metres or less) will show insignificant difference in performance.

The satellite coaxial cable featured above can also be used for TV aerial installation, as well as Freeview TV and Sky distribution systems including being suitable for cabling a loft distribution amplifier.

Important Note: The outside diameter of digital coaxial cables varies - 7mm cable clips should be used to secure WF100 coaxial cable and 6.4mm clips for RG6 cable. F-connectors are available in both diameters to suit RG6 or WF100. Both types of cable clip and F connector are available from Amazon to buy online.

It is generally cheaper to buy digital coaxial cable on a 100m reel (drum) if you have significant TV aerial or Sky installation work to undertake.

Technical Specs

The technical specifications of the coax cables featured above are as follows:

PF100/WF100 Coaxial Cable
Signal loss of 0.18dB per metre at 860MHz (TV applications) - or 18dB per 100m
Signal loss of 0.3dB per metre at 2150Mhz (satellite installations) - or 30dB per 100m

RG6 Coaxial Cable
Signal loss of 0.21dB per metre at 860MHz (TV applcations) - or 21dB per 100m
Signal loss of 0.32dB per metre at 2150MHz (satellite installations) - or 32dB per 100m

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