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Digital TV Signal Meter Review

Digital TV Signal Meter

Freeview Digital TV Signal Strength Meter

Freeview Signal Meter

Philex SLx - 27867R

  • For Easy Aerial Installation
  • Clear LED Signal Readout
  • Requires PP3 9v Battery (not supplied)
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TV aerial alignment is made much easier with a digital TV signal meter like the Philex SLx - 27867R. It's cheap to buy and a perfect choice to improve Freeview reception without incurring an engineer call-out fee.

A low cost Freeview signal meter, it comes complete with a short plug to plug lead fitted with F connectors, one twist-on F plug and a F plug to coaxial plug adaptor. The unit has professional F sockets for 'antenna' and 'receiver' and 9 volt battery power (from a PP3 battery - not supplied).

Aerial Alignment Tips with a Signal Meter

Turn the aerial from side to side as well as raising and lowering its height to achieve optimal positioning with the strongest DVB-T signal. The aerial meter will help to accurately find the direction to the transmitter. A 1 degree up-tilt on the mounting of the aerial may also improve reception in low lying 'fringe' locations.

By repositioning a TV aerial even by a few feet it is possible to significantly improve Freeview signal strength and a simple digital TV signal meter like the Slx - 27867R will really help get the best aerial performance.

Loft aerial installation can be particularly problematic as house wiring, copper pipes, water tanks and walls all reduce signal strength from the transmitter, so very careful aerial installation and alignment is needed with the DVB-T signal meter to get reliable Freeview reception. Loft aerials may not work except in very strong signal areas in close proximity to the transmitter. High quality coaxial cable should be used to feed the TV aerial.

When aligning the TV aerial more LED lights are illuminated on the signal meter as overall signal strength increases. Aerial adjustment is complete when no further DVB signal improvement can be obtained and the most LED's are illuminated.

Good Freeview reception requires a digital TV signal level of between 55dBuV and 60dbuV for best results. The aerial signal meter has LED lights for 50dBuV, 60dbuV, 70dBuV and 80dBuV to help achieve optimal signal strength for the best digital TV reception - free from picture pixilation, freezing and dropout.

Philex SLx - 27867R Limitations

There are some compromises to be aware of with the Philex SLx - 27867R digital TV signal meter - one being that meter shows the average DVB-T signal from all Freeview digital TV multiplexes combined on a fairly crude LED readout. This can lack resolution and for this reason it may be necessary to use a Freeview box to optimise a 'problem multiplex' if poor reception affects just a few Freeview channels.

Bear in mind that professional aerial meters cost around £350, so this Freeview signal meter costing less than £20 is bound to be a compromise!

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