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Satellite F-Connectors (10 Pack)

7mm F Connectors

F connector - 7mm

F Plugs - Pack of 10

Sky Plus, Sky+ HD & Freesat

  • For CT100, WF100, PF100 and RG6 coaxial cable
  • 7mm internal diameter
  • Easy fit screw-on F connector
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The screw-on F-connectors featured have an inside diameter of 7mm and are designed to fit CT100 or RG6 satellite coaxial cable.

How to Fit F-Plugs

To assist with installation we provide a visual guide on how to fit F-type plugs showing how to correctly prepare the coaxial cable for the screw on F-plug. Incorrect preparation of the cable before fitting the screw-on F type plug can lead to poor electrical connections at the receiver or LNB leading to loss of satellite signal (no satellite signal), particularly if the coaxial cable centre core is cut too short.

Types of F-Connector

It's worth noting that F-plugs for satellite coaxial cable like RG6, WF65, PF100/WF100/CT100 and CT125 all have different entry dimensions. CT125 coax cable has a outside diameter of 7.8mm as opposed to WF100/PF100 which is 6.6mm (the same as CT100). RG6 has a typical outer diameter of 6.9mm and WF65 twin Shotgun cable is 4.8mm diameter (and as a consequence has the highest signal loss).

Each F-connector is cheap to buy at around 22p each from Amazon UK. No special tools are required for fitting the F-plug, other than a sharp Stanley Knife and a pair of wire cutters.

F Connector Coupler

F type coupler

F Type Coupler - Pack of 2

For Joining Coaxial Cable

  • Requires 2 F-plugs (not supplied)
Best Price £0.89 Buy from Amazon

Self amalgamating tape should be used to waterproof any F-connectors installed outdoors, such as on an satellite dish LNB or TV aerial.

A common use for F-type plugs is for Sky or Freesat HD installation purposes.

F-Type Coupler

An F-type coupler (adapter) makes it easy to join coaxial cable with the minimum of signal loss. Simply purchase one F-F adaptor and two screw-on F type plugs with a diameter to suit the coaxial cable. An F-type adapter is useful when moving a Sky box or Freesat recorder, as it avoids expensive re-cabling.

The F-coupler can be used outside, but only if the whole assembly including F-connectors is weather proofed with self amalgamating tape. When correctly fitted signal loss from joining coaxial cable using the F-to-F coupler should be less than 1dB at 860MHz.


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