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Digital TV Distribution Amplifier

TV Distribution Amplifiers

Freeview loft distribution amp

SLx TV distribution amplifier

SLx 8 Way Loft Box

  • With digital bypass
  • Incorporates Signal Booster
  • Works with Sky remote eye
  • Freeview compatible
  • Feeds up to 8 TV's
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Distribution amplifiers with 'digital bypass' are used to allow remote operation of any Sky box (including Sky+ HD) from any room of your home, equipped with a 'Magic Eye' remote extender. They can be mounted in a loft or any internal location and are fed from the RF 2 output on the rear panel of your Sky box.

The SLx distribution amplifier featured on this page will also distribute Freeview TV signals around your home and is compatible with older Sky boxes as well as Sky Plus.

A cheap Sky TV distribution amplifier (loft box), suitable for loft mounting is available from The SLx distribution amp has 8dB gain to each output to improve picture quality on Sky and Freeview on all connected TV's.

The SLx amplifier is compatible with distributing Freeview and supports Sky remote extenders and TV link accessories for Sky plus. In order to distribute Freeview around your home using your Sky box, your Sky digibox must be fed by a suitable TV aerial and you must be in the service area of a Freeview transmitter.

One useful feature of SLx distribution amplifiers is a built in Tetra interference filter helps prevent interference from nearby Tetra police masts. Support for VHF/FM, DAB Radio and UHF signal distribution is provided and the amplifier has a low mains power consumption of 5 Watts and a low noise figure of less than 4 dB to improve performance.

The Slx distribution amplifier is designed to work with Sky digilink remote extenders (remote eye) in order to provide a Sky TV channel change function in all rooms using your existing Sky handset, although it makes sense to buy additional Sky+ handsets for other rooms.

Three loft boxes are available to suit the number of rooms / TV's in your home. All amplifiers have 'digital bypass' to support Sky remote eye technology. The range includes a 4 way SLx distribution amplifier which can feed up to 4 TV's, a 6 way loft box or an 8 way unit for distributing Sky TV around your home.

Product Ordering Information

Visit using the links above to place your online order for any of these cheap distribution amplifier products. All models of SLx amplifiers are designed for distributing Sky digital and Freeview TV channels around the home and are easy to install.

If you intend mounting an SLx distribution amplifier in your loft, then it is recommended that it be housed in a suitable fire-proof box due to the extremes of temperature inside any attic especially during summer.

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