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Humax F2Fox T Freeview Box Review

Humax F2FoxT Set Top Box Review

A quick review of the best selling Humax F2-Fox T Freeview set top box soon reveals that it offers excellent sensitivity, giving some of the best digital TV reception when tested in poor Freeview signal areas.

Even with analogue TV reception from the same aerial giving a very snowy picture the Humax F2Fox T Freeview box still received all DVB-T multiplexes from the Oxford TV transmitter which highlighted its superb tuner sensitivity.

The test was carried out using a set top aerial at my hill top location in Newbury (well outside of the Oxford Freeview coverage area).

Humax F2FoxT Review Conclusion

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Buy Humax F2FoxT Pros Best buy Freeview box, excellent build quality, picture & sensitivity

Buy Humax F2FoxT Cons Not the cheapest Freeview set top box, poor Scart lead supplied

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To buy a cheap Humax set top box, we recommend Amazon, who offer the latest Freeview boxes and HD Freesat equipment with next day delivery in the UK.

F2-Fox T Specification

Humax F2FoxT reviews

The specification of the Humax F2FoxT set top box is feature rich and the design gives excellent Freeview picture quality. Ease of use is unparalleled with simple and intuitive on screen menus and a logical handset layout.

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  • Quick set up from initial power up with an option for manual channel installation
  • High sensitivity tuner gives best performance in weak Freeview DVB-T signal areas
  • Best set top box for poor Freeview reception areas under test
  • UHF loop through and Ch21 to Ch68 modulator with fine RF tuning
  • Up to 30 Freeview TV channels available
  • DVB-T and MPEG2 standards compliant
  • VCR and TV Scart sockets. Click here for a rear panel view of the Humax F2FoxT
  • TV Scart sockets supports Composite Video CVBS, S-video and RGB standards
  • A 20 programme recording timer automatically selects Freeview channel to record
  • 5 favourite channel lists
  • 7 day EPG providing detailed programme information
  • Access to all Freeview digital radio channels
  • 4:3 and 16:9 TV support, including 14:9 letterbox compromise screen format
  • Optional parental control to restrict under age viewing by Freeview channel
  • Stereo audio outputs via RCA phono sockets for Hi-Fi system connection
  • RS232 socket for PC connection (used during software upgrades)
  • Automatic over the air Freeview box software upgrades
  • Advanced signal quality and strength indicator (gives 0 - 100% readout)
  • S/PDIF digital audio connection for external Dolby Digital Decoder (not supplied)
  • Subtitles and MHEG-5 Digital Teletext support (including BBCi)
  • No Conditional Access Module (CAM)
  • Universal remote control (with control codes to control various TV's)

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Picture Quality

Quality Scart Cable

Gold Scart Cable 1m

Gold Plated Scart Lead

Individually Screened

  • 2 Metre Length
  • High Quality Cable
  • Bargain Price
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To review the Humax F2FoxT Freeview box picture quality we discarded the poor quality Scart cable supplied and used an individually screened Scart cable from Amazon. The improvement was immediately evident with picture clarity being much improved over the supplied lead. On our Toshiba 36ZP38 TV, the best picture was obtained using S-Video mode through the TV Scart socket.

UHF Modulator Benefits

When buying a cheap Freeview box it's always worth considering paying slightly more and getting one with a built in UHF modulator in addition to the more normal UHF loop through connections. The UHF modulator on the Humax F2-FoxT can be adjusted between UHF channels 21 and 68 in order to feed a distribution amplifier to distribute Freeview TV channels around your home. This modulated signal can be fed to the input of a Sky Digibox (if you own one) with the second RF output of the Sky box then feeding a loft mounted distribution amplifier.

Conditional Access Module

We mentioned earlier in this Humax F2FoxT review, that the unit does not have a Conditional Access Module for Pay TV services (Top Up TV) so this could be a limitation in some cases. There are ways around the problem though, as Top Up TV now offer a pay as you view service on certain Freeview channels to allow access to the more popular pay channels.

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Following our review we recommend the Humax F2FoxT as a 'best buy set top box', especially given its superb performance in weak Freeview signal areas. It may even provide reliable Freeview reception where terrain difficulties or local obstructions result in other Freeview boxes not working.

The Humax F2FoxT gave reasonable results even down to a ridiculously low 32dBuV DVB-T aerial signal on test, so it may work even where other set top boxes fail to acquire a signal.

The one downside of high tuner sensitivity is that out of area Freeview channels from other transmitters could be received and inadvertently added into the Humax EPG. When this installation problem occurs, delete all channels from the EPG and do a manual channel re-installation after checking which UHF channel numbers are used for DVB-T multiplexes from your local transmitter. You can check that by clicking here.


The information contained in this Humax F2FoxT Freeview box review is provided in good faith and is accurate to the best of our ability. Our set top box reviews are not guaranteed for accuracy of information contained.

Technical support

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