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Best London Aerial - Blake DMX10A

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Blake DMX10A - A Group Aerial for Crystal Palace Reception

Crystal Palace Aerial

Blake DMX-10A

  • Easy installation
  • Group A London aerial
  • For Crystal Palace transmitter
  • Suits indoor or outdoor use
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The Blake DMX10A is a very high gain Group A aerial and one of the only aerials to meet the coveted CAI Standard 1 benchmark for performance.

Aerial installers in London and the Thames Valley recommend the Blake DMX10A as being the best London aerial for Crystal Palace Transmitter reception for extreme fringe areas and locations adversely affected by multipath reception due to hills and tall buildings.

Group A aerials offer far better results than a wideband aerial for London reception as they are optimised for Ch21 - Ch37, the frequencies that the Crystal Palace Transmitter uses for Freeview and Analogue TV.

The Blake DMX10A's reputation as the best London aerial is well deserved as it is capable of providing good Freeview reception in locations up to 60 miles from Crystal Palace subject to favourable terrain.

Some locations which may benefit from a high gain Group A aerial for London reception include Luton and south Bedfordshire, Aylesbury, Reading, low lying parts of Wokingham and Newbury as well as Basingstoke.

In all cases, the Blake DMX10A Crystal Palace aerial should be installed outside, above the roof level on a double chimney mounting kit or sturdy T and K wall bracket. High quality coaxial cable should be used to feed the aerial and a masthead amplifier may be fitted in poor signal areas to boost reception.

The aerial can also be installed in a loft, but with reduced results due to signal losses from roof materials and tiles.

Group A aerials are not suitable for UK regions which require a wideband TV aerial. Refer to Freeview Aerial Requirements and Digital UK for information about the type of aerial you need for TV reception in your UK town or city, by Postcode.



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