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The default UHF channel for a Sky box modulator is Channel 68.

Ch68 was chosen as it is least used across the UK for terrestrial digital or analogue TV services, but it does have disadvantages - since it's the highest UHF channel in the Ch21-Ch68 TV band allocation, it also suffers the highest coaxial cable signal losses.

This often leads to a poor Sky picture particularly where long cable runs are needed from the Sky box to the distribution amplifier.

Please refer to the retuning procedure for a Sky box to change the channel, if interference or poor picture is experienced.

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Sky Digibox UHF Channel Retuning

To adjust the UHF modulator channel of a Sky Digibox requires access to the hidden Sky Installer Menu.

To enter installer mode, turn on the Sky box and press "Services" on the handset. Then press the following keys on the handset one after the other in quick succession:
"4" to enter "System Setup" then "0" then "1" then "Select". This will enter the "Installer Setup".

Sky Digibox Re-tuning Menu Sky TV RF Outlets Menu

Then press "4" for RF Outlets to access the menu to adjust the UHF modulator RF channel number.

The default channel number at Sky Digibox installation is 68 (the highest channel number). This can be rather problematic as higher channels have the most coaxial cable signal loss.

To get the best picture, try to choose a free UHF channel number which is as low as possible and away from any analogue or digital TV channels transmitted in your region.

Enter a new UHF channel number with the Sky handset and save the changes by pressing "Select" before quitting the menu. Refer to our Digital TV re-tuning procedure for help in finding the best UHF modulator channel for your Sky Digibox modulator.

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Sky+ HD Installer Menu Access

On a new Sky+ HD box with the new EPG the key sequence is different to access the hidden Installer Setup menu: For Sky HD press 'Services' then '0' then '0' again then '1' then "Select". Then scroll right with the Sky handset and select the "RF Out" menu and configure the UHF modulator channel and RF Outlet Power Supply as required.

The RF Outlet Power Supply Option (when set 'On') applies DC power to the RF Out 2 socket on your Sky box for a loft distribution amplifier or Remote Eye / Extender.

Sky HD Installer Menu Sky HD Installer Menu - RF Outlets

When selecting an RF Channel Number always pick a UHF channel number free from any digital or analogue TV services in your area. Enter the required UHF channel number with the Sky handset, then move down to "Save Settings" and press "Select" before quitting the menu.

When in the Installer Setup menu, do not turn on the RF Outlet Power Supply unless you are using a Sky TV distribution amplifier or TV Link and Remote Eye connected to RF Outlet No. 2 which requires 12 volt power from the coaxial cable.

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