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In-Line Amplifier for Satellite TV

In-Line Signal Amplifier

20dB Line amplifier, Sky signal booster

20dB Satellite Amplifier

Shielded Case

  • Boost Satellite Signal & Quality
  • Freq Range 950 - 2250MHz
  • For Long Cable Runs Only
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A good quality In-Line Satellite Amplifier can be used as a Sky Booster only where long satellite coaxial cable runs in excess of 35 metres are unavoidable between the dish LNB and the Sky digibox. In these specific cases an in-line signal amplifier may help to counter the signal losses caused by the long length of coaxial cable from the dish.

The satellite amplifier must not be used with cables of less than 30 metres in length.

The in-line amplifier provides 20dB of IF amplification covering the full satellite IF frequency range of 950MHz to 2250MHz (2.25GHz). DC power for the signal amplifier comes from the digibox LNB power feed - via the coaxial cable.

One in-line satellite amplifier will be needed for each satellite receiver which has a longer than 35 metre coaxial cable feed from the dish. For best results, mount the amplifier about half way down the cable on cable runs of 35 metres or more.

In all cases it is best to upgrade to superior quality CAI approved WF100 or PF100 Coaxial Cable, rather than fitting an in-line amplifier. WF100/PF100 will greatly reduce signal loss when compared to lower quality cables like RG6 or WF65 twin. In fact, RG6 and WF65 should not be used for long cable runs in excess of 25 metres.


Do not use a satellite amplifier on any Sky TV installation where the coaxial cable length from the dish to the receiver is less than 30 metres, or signal overload conditions may result and the signal quality of Sky channels may actually drop leading to picture break-up due to signal overload at the digibox.

The In-Line Amplifier is useful as a 'Sky booster' where the coaxial cable quality is questionable and cannot easily be upgraded and cable lengths exceed 35 metres.

If mounting the amplifier outside it is imperative to use Self Amalgamating Tape to seal the F Type connectors on the line amplifier to prevent water damage. Ideally, the unit should be mounted in a box to protect it from damage. You may need to buy some F-Type Connectors to connect the line amplifier to your existing satellite or Sky TV installation.

Low loss WF100 or PF100 Coax Cable is recommended (rather than RG6 or WF65 Twin/Shotgun) for long satellite cable runs as it has lower signal loss. WF100 features a solid foam core which is more resistant to kinking and a solid copper screen which is more corrosion resistant than aluminium.

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