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Satellite Meter (Sat Finder Kit)

Satellite Finder Kit

Sat Finder Kit for Sky Digital

Cheap Sat Finder

  • Fast, accurate dish alignment
  • Easy to use, includes compass
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Buying a cheap satellite meter will make it so much easier to find the Astra 28.2E satellite used by Sky Digital, helping to get the best signal and optimal Sky dish alignment. A cheap sat finder kit also avoids exepnsive engineer callouts.

A misaligned Sky dish significantly reduces performance in bad weather, often leading to signal breakup problems. Satellite meters can be difficult to use, but our low cost satfinder makes it a straightforward task with a clear signal readout and simple connectivity.

Our featured Sat Finder Kit (illustrated right) is more than just a satellite meter as it includes a compass to assist in the initial positioning of the Sky dish. To connect the meter to your Sky minidish LNB requires a 1 Metre F-Type Male to Male Satellite Cable (not supplied) - so add this item to your order if needed. Power for the satellite dish LNB can be from the Sky box or, if preferred, from the satellite meter battery pack which houses 10 AA batteries (not supplied in the kit).

Aligning a Sky Dish

The Sky minidish should initially be pointed south east to start the DIY alignment procedure if you are in the UK. Our Sky dish installation aid will then provide a more exact bearing for the satellite from your location. If you need help and tips for DIY Sky dish alignment with a similar Sat Finder Kit, we recommend that you watch this YouTube Video. It shows how to connect and adjust the satellite signal meter and describes the procedure to accurately align a typical Sky minidish.

After you've finished aligning your Sky dish with the Sat Finder, the signal quality reading from your Sky box should be greater than 50% and in general between 60-70% in dry weather when skies are clear. You may need to find out how to check Sky signal quality in order to verify signal strength and quality after the dish alignment procedure is completed.

Typical Sky Siqnal Quality Reading

To ascertain whether your dish is aligned on the correct satellite check that the Network ID is 0002 and the Transport Stream is 07d4 on the Signal Test menu of your Sky box. This data is correct for Astra 28.2E - the satellite used for all Sky TV and UK HDTV broadcasts.

To buy the sat finder kit from click on the satellite meter picture above. For only £9.99 you'll find the satfinder a cheap, easy to use tool which will help you get the most from your Sky box, solving the problem of picture break up during heavy rain and bad weather.

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