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Waterproof Self Amalgamating Tape

Self Amalgamating Tape

Cheap Self Amalgamating Tape

Waterproof Tape

10 Metre Roll

  • For waterproofing LNB connections on a satellite dish
  • UV resistant
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Widely used during professional satellite dish installation, Self Amalgamating Tape is a special rubber tape which is waterproof and UV resistant for outdoor, exterior use. It is cheap to buy online and is easy to use.

A typical application for amalgamated tape is to waterproof the F-type plugs on a satellite dish LNB or to prevent water damage to cable joints on TV aerial installations.

How to Apply Self Amalgamating Tape

First ensure all components are clean and dry.

A length of Self Amalgamating Tape is then cut and stretched tightly around the joint ensuring that the cable and connector (including any threads) are completely covered.

When applying, stretch the tape so it is two thirds its normal width and overlap the tape during application to ensure a watertight seal.

After a few minutes the rubber tape becomes chemically amalgamated securely bonding the layers of tape together. After this the joint is waterproof and the tape can only be removed by cutting it with a sharp knife - it becomes, in effect, a watertight boot covering the cable and connector.

How to apply self amalgamating tape

Other Applications

There are many other applications around the home for self amalgamating tape and the author has successfully used it to make a temporary plumbing repair to a split and leaking shower hose!

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