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  • Quick & easy DIY Installation
  • Fits all Sky dishes and includes adapter for old types of minidish
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The featured Sky Quad LNB is suitable for Freesat or Sky TV reception in the UK. The LNB includes a dish adapter making it 100% compatible with old type Sky dishes as well as fitting the new Mk4 Sky Minidish. This ensures that you get the best signal and satellite reception quality even in bad weather.

A Sky Plus LNB has four outputs which can be used to feed two Sky Plus boxes (for Sky Multiroom) or two Freesat Plus HD boxes, allowing recording of two different TV channels simultaneously. The LNB comes with a Sky dish adaptor allowing quick and easy installation all types of minidish.

When fitting the Sky Minidish LNB as a replacement to a single LNB system, you will need to install additional coaxial cable feed/s from the dish to the Sky+ or Freesat Plus box. High quality WF100 coaxial cable should be used for all satellite installations. Each LNB connection requires a F-type screw-on plug which should be weather proofed with self amalgamating tape to prevent water damage to the LNB and coaxial cables.

After fitting the Sky Quad LNB you may also need to check dish alignment with a cheap satellite meter due to the extra weight of the Sky Quad LNB and feeders. This can cause the mini dish LNB arm to drop slightly from its original position. Precise Sky dish alignment is required to prevent signal dropout during bad weather and heavy rain.

The low noise Sky LNB supplied is a Zinwell Quad LNB or may be sourced from another reputable LNB manufacturer to the same high standards. This type of 4 output LNB is perfect for any new Freesat HD or Sky Plus HD installation or as a replacement Quad LNB or upgrade for an existing Sky dish. A Sky Quad LNB has enough outputs to independently feed two Sky + boxes or Freesat recorders like the Humax Foxsat HDR, which can be installed in separate rooms of your home.



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