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SLx 2 Way TV Amplifier

  • Twin Outputs for 2 TV's
  • Works with Sky Remote Eye
  • Includes Power Supply
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The twin output SLx TV aerial amplifier is ideal for use where your TV aerial currently feeds two TV's using a passive signal splitter. The SLx TV signal booster replaces the aerial splitter and provides useful signal amplification to each TV improving digital TV reception to both TV's.

The unit can also be used to split the output of a Sky box to feed two TV's and is fully compatible with a Sky Remote Eye Extender - used to change Sky channels in different room/s of your home.

Where used as a TV signal booster to improve Freeview reception the SLx amplifier should ideally be mounted as close to the TV aerial as possible. The unit is designed for indoor use only and can be fitted in the loft if necessary.

Product Limitations

A signal booster is not a miracle cure for bad TV reception:

  • Using an aerial signal booster is no substitute for installing a high gain TV aerial, preferably on the roof. Always avoid using a TV aerial amplifier on a poor indoor aerial.
  • Fitting TV signal boosters right behind your TV is unlikely to provide much benefit. Modern TV's have very good DVB-T tuners and only a very high quality, low noise TV aerial amplifier will improve reception significantly.
  • A cheap TV signal booster when fitted right at the TV may actually worsen digital TV reception and increase the likelyhood of suffering interference, culminating in picture freezing or pixilation on one or more TV channels.





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