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Telecam TCE2001

Telecam TCE2001 Amplified Set Top TV Aerial

Amplified Set Top TV Aerial

Telecam TCE2001

  • High Performance
  • Log Periodic Design
  • Covers all TV Channels
  • Excellent Interference Immunity
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In our recent tests the Telecam TCE2001 amplified set top TV aerial gave the best results with reliable Freeview reception being achived even in our test location where signal levels were at best average. It was also nominated 'Which Best Buy' status in their recent review of set top aerials.

It's worth emphasizing that no set top aerial will work well in weak signal areas. In these situations you should invest in a professionally installed roof-mounted TV aerial or consider installing a loft aerial.

When there are so many set top TV aerials available - why choose the Telecam TCE2001? The answer comes down to design - the TCE2001 is a decent Log Periodic TV aerial which offers uniform signal gain over all UHF TV channels and has very good directivity to eliminate interference which can blight Freeview reception. It can be used with both vertical and horizontal polarisation by twisting the mount through 90 degrees - making it suitable for all UK TV regions.

The TCE2001 boosted set top aerial features an integral signal booster which provides around 10dB of amplification which can improve Freeview reception when connected to budget Freeview boxes or IDTV's with cheap tuners. The Telecam TCE2001's amplifier also proved good at rejecting interference from mobile phones and nearby Tetra masts.


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