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List of Toshiba TV Service Menu Options

The tables below give a full list of Toshiba TV service menu adjustments and their purpose. Access to TV service mode is done at your own risk and any menu option adjustment should only be carried out by trained TV engineers. TV servicing should not be attempted by untrained members of the public and we will not be held responsible for damage to your television resulting from service menu adjustments or lack of knowledge. In addition, a TV contains potentially lethal voltages and the rear cover should not be removed by untrained persons.

Toshiba TV Geometry & Colour Adjustment

The adjustment options listed were present on a Toshiba 36ZP38 TV and the factory settings listed were those found on my particular UK manufactured Toshiba television.

Each picture mode allows a certain amount of individual optimisation - although some service menu options are common to all picture modes such as colour drive and cut-off. Thus it is possible to individually adjust the various Toshiba picture modes such as Subtitle, Cinema and Super Live for the best picture geometry.

Service mode settings will be unique on each Toshiba TV, so under no circumstances should you adjust your TV to my factory settings or my new settings. These are given for guidance only.

Toshiba TV Service Menu Option Factory Setting Function My New Setting
GCUT 3AH CRT Green cut off  
RCUT 40H CRT Red cut off  
BCUT 7EH CRT Blue cut off  
OPT3 01H unknown  
CSAW 07H Vertical saw tooth distortion 05H
VPS1 76H Picture vertical position fine 7AH
HSC 11H Vertical curvature 0FH
CPAR 06H Centre Parabolic distortion 07H
TRAP 42H Trapezium distortion 4DH
CNR 13H Corner geometry  
PARA 15H Parabola & Pincushion 14H
WID 28H Picture width 29H
VPS2 3EH Picture vertical position coarse  
VLIN 11H Picture vertical linearity  
HIT 2BH Picture height (all modes) 29H
HPOS 32H Picture horizontal position 33H
SRY 07H Secam black level R-Y axis  
SBY 04H Secam black level B-Y axis  
COLS 19H Secam colour level  
COLP 15H Sub colour  
SCNT 1FH Sub contrast  
BRTC 8EH Sub brightness  
BDRV 22H CRT Blue drive  
GDRV 31H CRT Green drive  
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