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Triax 5 Element DAB Aerial

Improve DAB Reception

DAB aerial for fringe reception areas

High Gain DAB Aerial

Triax 5 Element

  • Ideal for fringe reception areas
  • Reduces signal dropout
  • Significantly boosts signal
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To get the best DAB reception you will need an efficient DAB aerial, designed for DAB frequencies like the Triax 5 Element. In some UK regions the DAB signal is weak, giving rise to interference and audio drop-out problems.

The built-in telescopic aerial on many DAB radios is a compromise and will not be adequate for good reception of all digital radio stations in areas which receive a poor DAB signal or are some distance from the nearest transmitter.

Where the radio or DAB tuner has an aerial socket we recommend fitting a high quality DAB aerial and the Triax 5 Element is one of the best available. It is directional and has 8dB of gain to improve the weakest of DAB signals. To put this in context, this means that the Triax 5 element DAB aerial will receive four times the signal power of a single element omni-directional aerial, like a telescopic rod.

The author uses this aerial in Newbury, West Berkshire to receive London DAB multiplexes which transmit many DAB radio stations not available on National DAB. Newbury is outside the coverage area for London DAB reception and this aerial provides reliable reception at my location.

The Triax 5 element DAB aerial can be mounted in a loft or outside on the roof of your property, with roof mounting giving the best results. It is small in size and big on performance - being just over a metre long.


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