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Welcome to KSL Technical

The personal blog of Steve Larkins, featuring a number of useful self-help articles and reviews on various TV and radio related topics. I am a qualified Electronics Engineer with over 30 years experience and an active UK radio amateur, operational on the HF, VHF and UHF ham bands.

This site has grown considerably over the years and I make every effort to keep it up to date and factual. It currently receives over 1500 visitors a day and offers a range of informative articles to help solve digital radio and TV reception problems.

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Technical support

We were interviewed on BBC Radio Cornwall about TV reception advice for Caradon Hill viewers...

Freeview Reception
Freeview picture freezing due to poor signal

Improve Freeview reception and solve interference problems with our troubleshooting guide, including causes of digital TV picture pixilation and breakup...

Sky TV Reception
Normal Sky Digital signal quality

Help and advice to fix Sky TV faults including dish, LNB and cable problems plus tips on how to diagnose and repair a faulty Sky digibox...

Signal Boosters
Poor analogue TV reception

Read our guide to the various types of signal boosters to improve TV reception, including how and when to fit them for the best results...

TV Interference
Patterning TV interference on analogue TV (TVI)

Read about the causes of TVI and how to solve Freeview interference caused by a poor aerial installation, or noise pickup in the coaxial cable downlead...