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KSL Technical provides expert tips for troubleshooting Freeview and fault finding Sky Digital TV reception problems. Get help diagnosing common faults with Sky Digital TV and DVB-T Freeview set top box equipment and faultfinding advice to solve common Digibox, Sky dish and TV aerial faults. We also help to fix TV interference problems affecting both analogue and digital TV reception.

If you're looking to improve Freeview reception, you'll find our loft aerial installation guide invaluable in preparing for UK Digital TV Switchover. Our informative articles include Humax Freesat PVR and DVD recorder reviews, many of which have been acclaimed on many Digital TV forums.

To get expert advice to solve digital TV faults and Sky TV picture breakup (pixilation), choose a self-help topic below or use the navigation menus to the top and left of the page.

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Hear our interview on BBC Radio Cornwall with TV reception advice for Caradon Hill viewers...

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Freeview Reception
Freeview picture freezing due to poor signal

Improve Freeview reception quality and solve interference problems with our in-depth troubleshooting guide. We provide information to boost reception of Freeview TV, including common causes of DTT picture loss and breakup...

Sky TV Reception
Normal Sky Digital signal quality

Our in-depth guide provides help and advice to fix Sky TV faults including dish, LNB and cable problems plus tips on how to diagnose and repair a faulty Sky digibox. Also learn where to buy a cheap replacement Sky box...

Signal Boosters
Poor analogue TV reception (weak signal)

A signal booster will not boost Freeview reception when fitted next to your TV or to a poor aerial with weather damaged feeder. We discuss where and when to use Freeview signal boosters, which ones work best and how to properly fit them...

TV Interference
Patterning TV interference on analogue TV (TVI)

Read how to solve the most common Freeview interference and analogue TVI problems. Poor aerial installation and noise pickup in the coaxial cable downlead are the most common causes of DTT reception issues. We suggest practical solutions...