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Freeview Channels and Channel Numbers

The table below is a complete Freeview TV channel list which includes HD services and new channels. It was last updated in April 2014 to reflect recent changes to Freeview channel numbers and the channel lineup, including the addition of CBS Reality and Movies4Men.

Freeview Channel List -

Updated 26 Apr 2014 Download in PDF format (0.26MB)

Channel Name
Freeview EPG
Channel Number
DTT Multiplex
BBC One 1 General Entertainment PSB1/BBC A
BBC Two 2 General Entertainment PSB1/BBC A
ITV 3 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
Channel 4 4 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
Channel 5 5 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
ITV2 6 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
BBC THREE 7 General Entertainment PSB1/BBC A
Channel 4 Wales /
TeleG (Scotland)
8 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
BBC FOUR 9 General Entertainment PSB1/BBC A
ITV3 10 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
Pick TV 11 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
Dave 12 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
Channel 4 + 1 13 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
More4 14 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
Film4 15 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
QVC 16 Home Shopping COM4/SDN
Really 17 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
4Music 18 Music Videos COM6/Arq B
Yesterday 19 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
Drama 20 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
VIVA 21 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
Ideal World 22 Home Shopping COM6/Arq B
ITV4 24 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
Dave Ja Vu 25 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
G.O.L.D [pay] 26 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
ITV2 + 1 27 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
E4 28 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
E4+1 29 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
5* 30 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
5 USA 31 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
Movie Mix 32 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
ITV + 1 33 General Entertainment PSB2/D3+4
ITV3 + 1 34 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
QVC Beauty 35 Home Shopping COM6/Arq B
Create & Craft 36 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
QUEST 38 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
The Store 39 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
Rocks & Co 1 40 Home Shopping COM6/Arq B
Food Network 41 Culinary Programming COM5/Arq A
Travel Channel 42 Travel Deals (starts at 18:00) COM5/Arq A
Gems TV 43 Home Shopping COM6/Arq B
Channel 5 + 1 44 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
Film4 + 1 45 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
Challenge 46 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
4Seven 47 General Entertainment COM6/Arq B
Movies4Men 48 General Entertainment COM5/Arq A
Jewellery Ch. 49 Home Shopping COM4/SDN
ITV4 + 1 54 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
Ch5 + 24 55 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
QUEST + 1 57 Adventure TV COM5/Arq A
BT Sport 1 [pay] 58 Sports COM6/Arq B
BT Sport 2 [pay] 59 Sports COM6/Arq B
True Entertainment 61 General Entertainment COM4/SDN
Community 63 Community Action Ch. COM5/Arq A
CBS Reality 66 Community Action Ch. COM4/SDN
CBBC Channel 70 Children's PSB1/BBC A
CBeebies 71 Children's PSB1/BBC A
CITV 72 Children's COM4/SDN
CBeebies HD 74 Children's PSB3/BBC B
BBC Parliament 81 News PSB1/BBC A
Sky News 82 News COM5/Arq A
Al Jazeera English 83 News COM6/Arq B
Al Jazeera Arabic 84 News COM7
Russia Today (RT) 85 News COM6/Arq B
Freeview HD Channels

Channel 4 HD
S4C HD (Wales Only)
BBC Three HD
Al Jazeera HD
Community Ch. HD


General Entertainment
General Entertainment
General Entertainment

General Entertainment
General Entertainment
General Entertainment
General Entertainment

Community News


Adult Section 170 Adult COM6/Arq B
Television X [pay] 171 Adult COM4/SDN
Adult Smile TV2 [pay] 172 Adult COM6/Arq B
Adult Smile TV3 [pay] 173 Adult COM5/Arq A
Adult Babestation [pay] 174 Adult COM6/Arq B
Adult Party [pay] 175 Adult COM5/Arq A
Adult Blue [pay] 176 Adult COM5/Arq A
Adult Babestation2 [pay] 177 Adult COM5/Arq A
Adult Playboy [pay] 178 Adult COM4/SDN
Adult Playboy TV Chat 181 Adult COM4/SDN
Adult Xpanded TV 182 Adult Sex Chat COM4/SDN
Holidays TV 201 Text Services COM4/SDN
Rabbit 202 Text Services PSB2/D3+4
Gay Rabbit 203 Text Services PSB2/D3+4
1-2-1 Dating 204 Text Services COM4/SDN
Kiss Me TV 207 Text Services COM5
Proud Dating 208 Text Services COM5
VISION 225 Streamed Channels COM6/Arq B
CCTV 226 Streamed Channels COM6/Arq B
Sports 227 Streamed Channels COM6/Arq B
CONNECT 2 229 Streamed Channels COM4/SDN
Racing UK 231 Streamed Channels COM6/Arq B
CONNECT 4 234 Streamed Channels COM4/SDN
Peace TV 237 Streamed Islamic TV Service COM4/SDN
VuTV [pay] 238 Subscription TV Service COM4/SDN
SonLife 239 Religious Programming COM6/Arq B
Interactive Services 301 Interactive PSB1/BBC A
BBC Red Button 302 Interactive PSB1/BBC A
TopUp TV Anytime 1 [pay] 304 Interactive COM4/SDN
TopUp TV Anytime 3 [pay] 305 Interactive COM4/SDN
TopUp TV Anytime 5 [pay] 306 Interactive COM4/SDN
TopUp TV Anytime 6 [pay] 307 Interactive COM4/SDN

The above list of Freeview TV channels is provided in good faith. Its accuracy is not guaranteed as new channels are added periodically and others may be removed.

There are around 50 standard definition DVB-T Freeview channels transmitted as part of the UK digital terrestrial television and 4 HD channels. Most are "free to air" (FTA) non-subscription digital TV channels which are free to view in areas with Freeview coverage (approximately 98.5% of the UK population can now receive the DTV service), with the appropriate TV license. A Freeview set top box or a TV with built-in DVB digital tuner is required. Freeview aerial requirements vary by UK region.

Encrypted Top Up TV - pay and subscription channels are suffixed by [pay] in the table below, since they are not available without a one-off or regular subscription payment.


  • The asterisk character (*) against a channel name is used to identify encrypted Freeview channels which require a Top Up TV subscription.
  • To obtain the UHF channel numbers for the digital multiplexes appropriate to your local transmitter, download the DTG Transmitter Pocket Guide. This lists the latest UHF channel number assignments for each Freeview multiplex covering all UK DTT transmitters.

Missing Freeview Channels & Wrong Channel Numbers

Missing channels and incorrect channel numbers are often caused by Freeview multiplex changes to accommodate new services. In addition, changes made during the various phases of Digital Switchover altered the transmission frequency of many Freeview multiplexes to different UHF channel numbers.

A regular set top box retune is required on all Freeview equipment in order to keep the channel list up to date. Some set top boxes (like Panasonic and Samsung) automatically advise when re-tuning is necessary with an on-screen retuning message.

To fix any viewing problems we recommend retuning your Freeview box or TV if your channel numbering doesn't match published lists. To do this, delete the current EPG Channel List on your set top box or IDTV and then carry out a full channel re-installation using your Freeview boxes "automatic" or "manual" channel installation mode.

Details of how to retune Freeview equipment will be in your user guide or at Automatic tuning (the easiest Freeview box retuning method) is often referred to as 'Auto Set Up'. Sometimes a 'Factory Reset' or full 'Auto Tune' is required to wipe all existing channels, depending on set top box or TV manufacturer.

The manual channel tuning mode on your IDTV or Freeview box allows channel search and installation by UHF channel number and is recommended in areas where Freeview signals from more than one transmitter can be received.

To find out the UHF channel numbers for manual retuning of your particular transmitter, use the Digital UK postcode checker and then on the results page, click on 'Find out more' (under 'Reception and channels' in the 'Aerial' row under 'Method of reception'), then click on the pink 'How do I re-tune' menu to reveal the UHF channels needed to tune the Freeview service on your local transmitter).

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