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2m & 70cm Repeaters

This page provides a list of all UK repeaters receivable under flat band conditions from my location in Newbury, West Berkshire. For 2m and 70cm, I use a Diamond V2000 tri-band collinear aerial at about 30 feet above the ground, mounted on the chimney of the house.

I also had some radio coverage predication plots done for my QTH and these are available by clicking here.

70cm Repeaters

The table below lists 70cm UK repeaters audible from my Berkshire location under flat conditions and gives their approximate signal strength. My Diamond V2000 is 4 x 5/8 wave on 430MHz and has a gain of 8.4dBi.

To see a definitive list of all UK 70cm amateur radio repeaters click here.

Repeater Location Output Freq. Signal Comments
GB3ZB Bristol, Avon 430.825 MHz 3/1 Just audible
GB3BS Lansdown, Nr. Bristol 430.850 MHz 5/3 Audible on handheld here!
GB3UK Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 430.8625 MHz 5/6 Workable with 5W
GB3LW Central London 430.900MHz - No longer audible
GB3VN Ludlow, Shropshire 430.925 MHz 3/1 Not usable
GB3EH Edge Hill, Warks 430.9625 MHz 5/5 Rx 438.5625MHz; 67Hz CTCSS
GB3BN Bracknell, Berks. 433.000 MHz 5/9 +20dB CTCSS 118.8Hz
GB3AV Aylesbury, Bucks. 433.050 MHz - No longer audible
GB3TD Swindon, Wilts. 433.075 MHz 5/9 +30dB CTCSS 118.8Hz
GB3UB Bath, Avon 433.100 MHz 5/1 Now unusable
GB3DI Didcot, Oxon. 433.150 MHz 5/6 Over the Berkshire Downs
GB3BR Brighton, Sussex 433.150 MHz 4/1 Over the South Downs!
GB3AU Amersham, Bucks. 433.175 MHz 5/9  
GB3IW Nr. Wroxall, Isle of Wight 433.225 MHz 4/1 No longer audible here
GB3TU Tring, Hertfordshire 433.225 MHz 5/5 New repeater 77Hz CTCSS
GB3AW Nr. Newbury, Berks 433.250 MHz 5/9 +40dB  
GB3HR Nr. Watford, Herts. 433.350 MHz 5/1  
GB3FN Farnham, Surrey 433.375 MHz 5/9 +40dB  
GB3NS Banstead, Surrey 439.675 MHz 5/1 Rx 430.675; 82.5Hz CTCSS

2m Repeaters

Below is a list of all audible UK 2 metre ham radio repeaters from my location and their signal levels under flat band conditions on my roof mounted Diamond V2000 collinear which is a 2 x 5/8 wave centre loaded antenna on 2 metres witha gain of 6.2dBi.

To see a definitive list of all UK 2 metre repeaters click here.

Repeater Location Output Freq. Signal Comments
GB3EL East London 145.600 MHz 4/1 Weak signal
GB3WR Wells, Somerset 145.600 MHz 5/1 Reecently got a lot weaker
GB3VM Woofferton, Shropshire 145.6125 MHz 4/1  
GB3MH Nr. Crawley, West Sussex 145.625 MHz 5/5 Good signal now
GB3NW Worcester, Worcs. 145.625 MHz 4/1  
GB3WH Swindon, Wilts 145.650 MHz 5/9 +30dB  
GB3RD Nr. Reading, Berks 145.675 MHz 5/9 +50dB  
GB3VA Aylesbury, Bucks 145.700 MHz 5/9  
GB3DA Danbury, Essex 145.725 MHz 4/1 Rapid fading
GB3SN Alton, Hants 145.725 MHz 5/8  
GB3AL Amersham, Bucks 145.7375 MHz 5/9 +20dB Good coverage
GB3BC Pontypridd, Gwent, S.Wales 145.750 MHz 4/1 No longer accessible
GB3WS Crawley, W.Sussex 145.750 MHz 4/1 Weak, unusable
GB3NE Newbury, Berks 145.7625 MHz 5/9 +60dB  
GB3WW Port Talbot, S.Wales 145.775 MHz 3/1 Often audible
GB3WK Warwick, Warks 145.775 MHz 4/1 Poor Rx sensitivity
GB3JB Nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire 145.7875 MHz 5/1 Weak signal
GB3BF Bedford, Bedfordshire 145.7875 MHz 4/1  

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