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Group B Aerial

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Blake DMX10B - Group B Aerial

Group B Aerial

Blake DMX-10B

  • Easy installation
  • Meets CAI Standard 2
  • High Gain Group B aerial
  • For UHF Ch35 - 53
  • Suits indoor or outdoor use
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The Blake DMX-10B is a high gain Group B Aerial offering superior performance. It is CAI Benchmarked and meets Standard 2 in terms of its performance, which takes into account the uniformity of gain over the working frequency range of Ch37 - 53.

A Group B Aerial is optimised to provide maximum gain on UHF Ch35 to Ch53, making it suitable for use on transmitters which transmit Freeview multiplexes within this middle frequency channel group.

UK TV transmitters requiring a Group B TV Aerial include: Heathfield, Bluebell Hill, Moel Y Parc, Sutton Coldfield, Emley Moor, Hannington (after digital switchover), Redruth, Wenvoe and Black Hill.

A Group B Aerial will significantly outperform a wideband TV aerial in its operating frequency range, delivering up to four times the signal to your TV, since it is designed for a narrow group of frequencies and has much higher signal gain and better directivity to minimise multipath interference.

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