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Kenwood TS2000I'm a licensed UK amateur radio station located in Newbury, Berkshire with the callsign M0SBF (previously G8SBF), so this website is partially dedicated to UK amateur radio topics and home brew aerials. To navigate the ham radio section of the site, use the top left navigation menus under self help topics or refer to the sitemap.

I am currently active on the 2m, 70cm, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m and 40m amateur radio bands (all modes) with up to 100 Watts. I am located on a small hill to the south east of Newbury with good VHF coverage in most directions. Many UK 2m and 70cm repeaters are workable from my QTH, some as far as 80 miles away. Even the Angus beacon (GB3ANG) is audible here under flat conditions here even on a 5 element beam in my loft.

I use indoor HF antennas which are all mounted inside the attic of my house, so it comes as no surprise that this site provides invisible home brew antenna tips for amateur radio stations in the UK and worldwide who are subject to antenna restrictions and restrictive covenants, preventing outdoor antenna arrays from being erected.

I have now contacted stations in over 130 countries since November 2001 using indoor aerials, which include an Inverted-V dipole for 20m, and flat dipoles for 15m and 17m. Best DX so far have been contacts with Australia New Zealand on 15m and 20m on just 10W ERP.

FT817R transceiver by YeasuI use a Yaesu FT817 for low power portable operation (QRP) running just 5 Watts of power. Best DX when portable was 4000 miles into Arizona on 10m, using an ATX walkabout telescopic whip.

The Kenwood TS2000 is my main station amateur radio transceiver for HF and VHF / UHF. It provides good all round results with DSP IF filtering, ideal for today's crowded HF band conditions with up to 100W on transmit.

In addition, I also provide faultfinding on Yaesu FT8100R. You'll also find articles on TV servicing and fault finding as well as reviews of set top boxes and PVR's.

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