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Humax Foxsat HDR Upgrade Problems

The Humax Foxsat HDR is a popular Freesat HD recorder which (like most set top boxes) has some annoying software bugs, due to the company's ongoing lack of Quality Assurance.

Unfortunately, the Foxsat also has a poor manual software update process which often fails. Problems seem to arise when the Foxsat can't recognise the Memory Stick, due to formatting issues or when the box doesn't find the firmware update (.hdf file), due to it being in the wrong place on the drive or having the wrong file naming convention.

The poor FAQ on the Humax website and their lack lustre after-sales customer service, offer little help in the event of firmware upgrade problems. For this reason I have found a solution myself!

This brief self-help article explains how to successfully apply a manual Software upgrade. To download the latest software visit the Humax Foxsat Firmware Download page.

* Humax Foxsat HDR Firmware Upgrade Files *

Step 1: If your Foxsat HDR has an earlier "Loader Version" than U7.54 (I.E. U7.52 or U7.53), then we recommend upgrading the Loader to U7.54, before you update the firmware:

Step 2: When the Loader is at U7.54, you can proceed with the firmware update:

  • Application version: HPRSFCI 1.00.21
  • Loader version: U7.54
  • Release Date: 30 July 2012
  • Download latest firmware here
  • The official Humax software release notes for this version can be found here.

Upgrade Procedure (for Loader & Firmware)

After having spent many hours trying to get a memory stick recognised by the Humax Foxsat HDR, I finally got it working. Here is the solution (in detail):

  • Use a 1GB memory stick. It is possible larger capacity USB sticks may work (but you'd need to try them).
  • Fully Re-Format it (do not use 'Quick Format') to FAT32 4096 byte Allocation Unit Size/Cluster Size. To do this put the stick into the USB socket of your PC, click on "Computer" or "My Computer" and highlight the memory stick with one left mouse click then right mouse click on it and choose "Format".
  • Choose "File System" FAT32 and Allocation Unit Size 4096 Bytes. Uncheck "Quick Format" under Format Options and click the "Start Button". This process will erase the entire contents of the Memory Stick - so back up anything you want to keep first! It should take several minutes to complete.
  • Copy the Humax firmware to the memory stick and make sure that the file name is FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade.hdf. If the firmware you have downloaded from the Humax Beta Software Site is called something different, then rename the file and ensure that it has the necessary ".hdf" file extension.
  • Verify the firmware is on the memory stick. It must not be in a folder on the memory stick - so place it in the root of the drive. There should be no other files on the stick, other than the Humax Firmware.
  • Prepare the box - With the Foxsat in "Standby" (red light on front panel) open the front cover and plug in the memory stick into the front panel USB socket.
Foxsat HDR USB Socket Location
  • Apply the software upgrade - Press and hold the Foxsat's silver front panel "Standby" switch for 30 seconds with your TV powered "on". After just a few seconds the download screen should be displayed. Continue holding the button pressed until the 30 seconds is up and then release.
Foxsat Firmware upgrade screen
  • Wait for download completion - When the firmware upgrade is completed the on-screen menu will say "Success Downloading" and the Front Panel display should show "End".
Foxsat firmware update successful screen
  • Re-boot - Press the Standby button again and then re-boot the Foxsat HDR with its firmware update applied.
  • Job done!
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