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London's local radio stations are transmitted using four DAB multiplexes, or 'ensembles':

  • Trial London (Block 9A - 202.92MHz)
  • DRg London (Block 11B - 218.64MHz)
  • Switch London (Block 12A - 223.93MHz)
  • CE London (Block 12C - 227.36MHz)

Coverage Maps

Several DAB relay transmitters are used to extend DAB digital radio coverage around Greater London to a radius of around 25 to 30 miles, subject to terrain. The Trial London DAB Multiplex will have more limited coverage.

The links below have coverage maps for each multiplex:

London DAB Stations (updated: May 2016)

A full list of London DAB radio stations is provided in the table below, updated in November 2014. The list includes links to each broadcaster's website, DAB ensemble frequencies, channel information, station genres and transmission bit rates.

London DAB Radio Station Genre Bitrate Sky Radio Channel

BBC National DAB Multiplex - Block 12B (225.64MHz)
Main Transmitter: Crystal Palace (power 10kW)

BBC Radio 1 Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo 0101
BBC Radio 1Xtra Other Music 128Kbps Stereo
BBC Radio 2 Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo 0102
BBC Radio 3 Cultures 192Kbps Stereo 0103
BBC Radio 4 Varied Speech 128Kbps Stereo 0104
BBC Radio 4 Extra Varied Speech 80Kbps Mono 0131
BBC Radio 5 Live News 64Kbps Mono 0105
BBC Radio 5 Live Sport X Sports 64Kbps Mono 0144
BBC Radio 6 Music Rock Music 128Kbps Stereo 0120
BBC Asian Network Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono 0119
BBC World Service Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono 0115

D1 National Commercial DAB Multiplex - Block 11D (222.06MHz)
Main Transmitter: Crystal Palace (power 6.45kW)

Talk SPORT Sport 64Kbps Mono 0108
Absolute Radio Rock Music 80Kbps Mono
LBC Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono 0112
Classic FM Serious Classics 128Kbps Stereo 0106
Magic Easy Listening 80Kbps Mono 0180
BFBS Radio Pop Music 80Kbps Mono 0211
Capital XTRA Pop Music 112Kbps Stereo 0114
UCB1 Religion 64Kbps Mono 0125
KISS Pop Music 80Kbps Mono 0178
Radio X Rock Music 80Kbps Mono 0113
Heart Extra Pop Music 80Kbps Mono 0112
Smooth Extra Easy Listening 80Kbps Mono 0146

Trial London DAB Multiplex - Owned by UDAB - Block 9A (202.92MHz)
Main Transmitter: BT Tower? (low power)

NuSound Radio Varied Speech 128Kbps Stereo
LGR (London Greek Radio) Other Music 128Kbps Stereo -
Resonance Cultures 128Kbps Stereo
CDNX (Camden Experience) Rock Music 128Kbps Stereo -
Rinse FM Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo
Crackers Radio Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo -
Solar Radio Soul Music 128Kbps Stereo
Reprezent Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo
NTS Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo

London 1 Multiplex - Owned by CE Digital - Block 12C (227.36MHz)
Main Transmitter: Croydon (power 5kW)

Absolute Radio Rock Music 112Kbps Stereo
KISS Pop Music 112Kbps Stereo 0178
Capital London Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo 0109
Magic London Easy Listening 112Kbps Stereo 0180
Smooth London Easy Listening 128Kbps Stereo 0180
KISS Fresh Pop Music 80Kbps Mono -
Absolute Radio 90's Pop Music 80Kbps Mono 0203
Heart London Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo 0111
Gold Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo 0121

London 2 Multiplex - Owned by Switchdigital - Block 12A (223.93MHz)
Main Transmitter: Crystal Palace (power 2.1kW)

Chris Country Country music 80Kbps Mono -
UCB2 Religion 64Kbps Mono 586 (TV)
Kerrang! Rock Music 64Kbps Mono 368
Mi Soul Soul Music 64Kbps Mono -
LBC London News Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono 0124
BBC Radio London Varied Speech 128Kbps Stereo 0152*
Spectrum Radio Other Music 64Kbps Mono 0185
Sout Al Khaleej Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono NA
Asian FX Radio Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono -
Radio Sputnik Varied Speech 112Kbps Stereo -
Jazz FM Jazz 80Kbps Mono 0202
The Arrow Rock 128Kbps Stereo -

London 3 Multiplex - Owned by DRg London - Block 11B (218.64MHz)
Main Transmitter: Croydon (power 2.5kW)

Lyca Radio 1458 Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono -
Lyca DIL SE 1035 Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono -
Polish Radio London Pop Music 96Kbps Mono 0213
Chill Other Music 64Kbps Mono
Fun Kids Children's Progs 80Kbps Mono 0171
Absolute Classic Rock Rock Music 64Kbps Mono 0201
Ahomka Radio UK Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono -
Premier Gospel Religion 80Kbps Mono 0123
IBC Tamil Cultures 64Kbps Mono NA
The Wireless Varied Speech 64Kbps Mono NA
Matryoshka Radio Pop Music 128Kbps Stereo NA
Gaydio Varied Speech 80Kbps Mono NA

London DAB Relays

Fill-in DAB relay transmitters for the London area are situated at:

  • Alexandra Palace
  • Bluebell Hill
  • Reigate
  • Guildford
  • Zouches Farm
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • High Wycombe
  • Stoke d'Abernon
  • Kemsing

These relays operate on the same channel blocks as the main DAB transmitter sites at Croydon and Crystal Palace, but at reduced power levels. This creates an SFN (Single Frequency Network).

Four new DAB transmitters were commissioned in April 2012 to improve reception in Central London, including one at the BT Telecoms Tower.

Fringe Reception

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The coverage area of London DAB radio (including low power relay transmitters) extends beyond the boundaries of the M25, to comfortably include much of East Berkshire and the Guildford, Slough and Windsor conurbations.

Reading, Berkshire is outside the coverage area of London DAB services, although reception may be possible in favourable locations with a clear view to the east or south east if a high gain directional DAB aerial is used.

It's worth noting that there is a fill-in DAB transmitter in Guildford which carries the London DAB multiplexes, if Crystal Palace reception is not possible in locations to the west of London.

London DAB reception may also be possible in Woking, Aldershot, Camberley, Bracknell and Maidenhead although these towns are on the extremity of the Drg London DAB coverage map, and would require a roof-top directional DAB aerial and favourable local terrain for reliable reception of all multiplexes.

A separate coverage map for Switch London DAB Radio from the Crystal Palace transmitter is also available.

To the south of London, DAB coverage extends to Reigate, Redhill and Crawley (Sussex); whilst to the east of town Southend in Essex is in an outer fringe reception area.

DAB radio coverage to the north of London is boosted by several relay transmitters, allowing reception of London's local DAB radio stations in Luton, Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans, Hatfield and Stevenage.

The outer fringe of London DAB coverage to the north extends out to Letchworth and Hitchin in Hertfordshire and Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. Fringe reception areas would require an roof-top DAB aerial installation (a directional high gain DAB aerial is recommended) and no guarantee of reception reliability is given, especially in valleys or where buildings, trees or other nearby obstructions exist.

London Radio Stations on Sky TV

As an alternative to DAB, London's local radio stations are also available on Sky TV and channel numbers are provided in the table below for convenience.

Given the pitifully low transmission bitrates used on several London DAB multiplexes, there are audio quality benefits when listening to digital radio through your Sky digibox rather than via DAB.

DAB Radio Retune Procedure

To retune a Digital Radio, you will need to invoke an 'Autotune' or 'Station Scan' on your DAB radio. Autotune procedures vary depending on which model of DAB radio you have - for Pure DAB radios refer to the Pure User Manual for your particular radio which can be downloaded in PDF format at Support.

How to Receive BBC Radio London on Sky*

BBC London is only available to London postcodes on Sky TV channel 0152. However, as BBC London is transmitted on Astra 28.2E - Frequency: 10.803 GHz, Horizontal polarisation, S/R 22000, FEC 5/6 - it can be added to your Sky Digibox regardless of where you are in the UK, by accessing "Services > Add Channels". The links below provide further help on this topic.

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