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Sky Dish Alignment

Find the correct bearing (azimuth) and elevation for the Astra 28.2E satellite from anywhere in the UK and Europe using the useful free tool below provided by Dishpointer. This invaluable aid will help you find the correct satellite without error and achieve accurate DIY Sky dish alignment using a satellite meter and compass.

How to Use the Tool

  • Select the satellite required from the top row of the widget
  • Enter your location - such as Manchester, UK into the second row and hit the 'Return key'
  • Read off the precise dish azimuth and LNB skew angle for your location

You must take into account 'magnetic variation' when using a compass to align a Sky minidish. Hence 5 degrees must be subtracted from the azimuth bearing in the UK to get an exact compass reading.

Aligning a Sky dish accurately is critical for trouble-free viewing particularly when weather conditions are bad as received signal levels are reduced by heavy rain and dish misalignment can become a serious problem.

A dish mis-alignment of just 0.5 degree can result in a 40% loss of signal and reduced weather margin. The Sky minidish alignment video on YouTube provides useful tips and guidance on correctly aligning a dish on the Astra 28.2E satellite.

Always disconnect the signal meter and attach the coaxial cable feeder directly to the dish by securing the F-type plug when alignment is completed.

You will need to fully waterproof the F-type screw-on connectors and the LNB threads with Self Amalgamating Tape after checking that Sky box signal quality. A typical signal quality reading should be 60% or higher in dry weather in most parts of the UK.

When installing a new Sky dish, make sure that the dish is horizontal using a spirit level (if one is not fitted to the LNB arm). A dish which is not horizontal will lead to an incorrect LNB skew angle, reducing performance and rain margin.

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