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Sky Zone 2 Dish by Raven

Zone 2 Dish & Quad LNB

Sky Zone 2 Dish (60cm x 70cm)

Sky Zone 2 Dish & Quad LNB

By Raven

  • LNB matched to dish
  • Size 70cm (W) x 60cm (H)
  • Ideal for Sky+ or Freesat+
  • Supplied with Matched LNB
  • With DIY Fitting Instructions
Best Price £30.95 Buy from Amazon

Some parts of the UK receive a lower signal strength from the Astra 28.2E satellite that broadcasts Sky TV programming. UK regions in the extreme west (Cornwall) and north (including Scotland) should use a larger Zone 2 dish to avoid "rain fade" in heavy rain which causes picture pixilation and break up.

In many cases, the solution to poor Sky reception is to fit a Raven Zone 2 Sky dish. This type of dish benefits from over 80% more surface area (which translates to nearly twice the signal capture) than a standard 43cm Zone 1 minidish, which is standard-fit for Sky TV installations in England.

The Region 2 Dish is compatible with a Single, Quad or Octal LNB - so is suitable for Sky Multiroom, Sky + HD and Freesat Plus. This type of large Sky dish is frequently used for communal Sky TV systems due to the superior reception offered in adverse weather.

A Sky Zone 2 dish can be used in all regions of the UK and will significantly improve reception of Eurobird 1 at 28.5E which transmits CBS Reality, Men and Motors, True Movies and Moves4Men - channels which often suffer reception problems on a smaller Zone 1 MK3 dish as the signal is weak in comparison to Astra.

The Raven Zone 2 dish size is 60cm (H) by 70cm (W) and it comes with a sturdy wall mounting bracket, all fittings and DIY installation instructions. It can also be pole mounted on a 1.5 inch diameter mast (although not on an TV aerial pole, due to movement).

You can buy the Zone 2 Raven dish from Amazon for an amazingly cheap price of just £23.95!


The specification of the Zone 2 Raven dish are as follows:

  • Powder coated perforated zinc coated steel
  • Antracite colour
  • Azimuth/Elevation and LNB Skew adjustment
  • Supplied with Quad LNB matched to dish
  • 1.5 inch pole or wall mounting with short pole and bracket supplied
  • Operating frequency range 10.7GHz - 12.75GHz
  • Gain at 10.70GHz: ~ 35dBi
  • Gain at 12.75GHz: ~ 37dBi
  • Offset angle: 23.9 degrees
  • Elevation adjustment range: 10-70 degrees
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