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BBC1 & BBC2 Regions on Sky TV

A complete list of all UK BBC1 and BBC2 regions available on Sky TV via the Astra 2D satellite is provided below with EPG channel numbers and allocations.

UK reception of all BBC1 regional news programmes is possible via the Astra 2D satellite at 28.2E using a Sky digibox and 43cm minidish. we have a separate article on Sky TV reception in Europe of Astra 2D which uses a spot beam focussed on UK and northern Europe, resulting in a large satellite dish being needed in southern and eastern Europe to get good reception especially in rain.

Assuming you are in the UK or in an area of Europe that has Astra 2D coverage, there is no need to "Add Channels" to watch different BBC regions as they are already included in the Sky EPG channel line up, even with a Freesat card. Channel numbers are provided in the table below.

However, to add ITV regions to your Sky digibox you will need to manually add the regions using "Add Channels" from "System Setup". Follow the link for more help.

BBC 1 Region Sky EPG Channel Number
BBC1 Scotland 971
BBC1 Wales 972
BBC1 Northern Ireland NI 973
BBC1 London 974
BBC1 NE & C 975
BBC1 Yorkshire (Emley Moor) 976
BBC1 Yorks & Lincs (Belmont) 977
BBC1 North West 978
BBC1 West Midlands (Sutton Coldfield) 979
BBC1 East Midlands (Waltham) 980
BBC1 East (E) Talcolneston 981
BBC1 East (W) Sandy Heath 982
BBC1 South East (Heathfield / Bluebell Hill) 983
BBC1 Oxford 985
BBC1 West (Mendip) 986
BBC1 South West (Stockland Hill) 987
BBC1 Channel Islands (CI) 988
BBC2 Scotland 990
BBC2 West 991
BBC2 Northern Ireland (NI) 992
ITV1 London 993
Channel 4 UK 994

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