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Terms and Conditions

1. Information Accuracy

The information provided on KSL Technical is supplied in good faith and no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of information is provided. Technical specifications of equipment change all the time, as do digital TV channel assignments and we do our best to update the content of the website regularly. If you spot an error or omission, then please contact us and we will try to put it right.

2. Information Usage

You are free to use any part of the information provided on KSL Technical in order to assist in resolving technical problems with your own or other people's equipment.

However, you may not copy or reproduce any part of the copyrighted content of this website in any form without prior written consent from KSL Consulting. This exclusion includes all text, banners and images and any part of the HTML code or CSS used in the site's structure.

The above restriction does not preclude you from linking to KSL Technical from relevant blogs, something which we encourage and appreciate.

3. External links

KSL Consulting has no control over the content of third party owned websites. KSL Technical may include links to such external sites and we wish to make clear that we do not necessarily endorse the content of any sites listed.

4. Privacy

We take your privacy seriously and do not use any submitted e-mail addresses for any form of marketing activity, nor are e-mail details passed to any third party. Read our company privacy policy for more details.


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