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TV and Radio Interference

With the rollout of Tetra and other digital radio services in the UK, TV interference (TVI) and domestic RFI has become a common problem, particularly in weak Freeview signal areas where TV boosters and masthead amplifiers are necessary.

Many household devices including telephones, computers and Hi-Fi systems can be susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) where a high field strength interfering signal is present from a nearby radio transmitter. Common interference sources include Commercial and Military Radio Transmissions, Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Amateur Radio.

RFI can take many forms and is frequently made worse by inadequate screening of the affected household device and poor equipment design. Interference is often the result of signal pickup through power cables from the 240V mains supply or through unscreened cables which act as an aerial.

Radio and TV interference guides:

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  • TVI Filters - Guide to popular types of TVI filter and where to buy them.
  • Radio Interference on Hi-Fi and Computer Speakers - How to solve radio interference (RFI) on computer speaker systems and domestic Hi-Fi systems.
  • Scart Cable Interference - How to solve picture interference caused by unscreened Scart Cables (also known as Euro Connectors).


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