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4 Output Masthead TV Amplifier

Masthead Amplifier

Vision V20-1420 Masthead TV Amplifier - 4 Output

Low Noise Masthead Amp

With Four Outputs

  • Low Noise Typical 1.4dB
  • Variable Gain Up to 20dB
  • Gold Plated F Connectors
  • Flat response over TV band
Best Price £31.99 Buy from Amazon

There are many instances where the TV aerial needs splitting to feed separate rooms of a home and the TV signal is poor and requires amplification in order to get good Freeview TV reception.

The Vision V20-1420 is the answer! It's a high quality masthead TV amplifier with four independent outputs to feed TV's or digital set top boxes in different rooms of your home. Each output can be amplified by up to 20dB, with the ability to vary the amplifier gain by means of a convenient 'gain control' to optimise Freeview reception.

The Vision TV amplifier differs significantly from cheap signal boosters in its design. It has the lowest noise figure in its class (1.4dB typical) and as a result provides a much a better signal to noise ratio to each TV or set top box. As signal to noise ratio is the most important factor in providing good digital TV reception, the Vision V20-1420 provides far more TV reception improvement than a cheap signal booster fitted behind the TV.

Fitting a Masthead Amplifier

Fitting the Vision V20-1420 masthead TV amplifier is easy, just connect the input connector on the amplifier to your TV aerial - mounting the masthead amp no more than 3 metres from the aerial. Always use satellite TV cable on all connections to the amplifier for best results.

Power to the amplifier is provided from the supplied power unit which is fitted near the TV in one of the rooms which gets its TV signal fed from the amplifier. Power is provided up the coaxial cable to the masthead amplifier - so no additional wiring is required. Four TV outputs are provided for each room (only one of which needs to be powered) which are each amplified by up to 20dB.

Screw-on F-Connectors are required to connect the coaxial cable feeders to the amplifier and power unit. These must be purchased separately.

You can buy the Vision v20-1420 4 output masthead amplifier online from Amazon at a cheap price by clicking the product picture above.


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