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This page has been updated as a result of changes to Waltham Transmitter multiplexes in 2017.

If you live in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Newark, Worksop, Corby or the Melton Mowbray area you may get the wrong local news and in some cases suffer picture break-up.

One of the annoyances of watching Freeview are the constant changes to the channel line-up and the transmission frequencies of the "multiplexes" - which carry groups of TV channels. This means regular retuning of all Freeview equipment is required, to keep everything working as it should.

Unfortunately the "auto tune" process on many TV's and PVR's is rather crude and will often install digital multiplexes in the order they were found. Virtually all equipment starts tuning at UHF channel 21, upwards.

On the Waltham transmitter, the multiplexes which carry BBC and ITV regional services are transmitted on high UHF channel numbers (Ch49 and Ch54), so they are found last during any re-tune. For this reason, Freeview equipment may install channels from a different transmitter instead.

This can often result in different 'out-of-region' local news and regional programming being received. To make matters worse, the 'unwanted' transmitter is often further away and received at poor signal quality, so picture break up and freezing may occur.

In some cases the home owner may be unaware that their TV or PVR is partially mis-tuned to the wrong transmitter - as many TV channels (like More 4, Sky News, Dave, BBC Three and BBC Four) have no regional variation or programming.

So even if you correctly receive BBC East Midlands and Central East, it is still possible that one or more digital multiplex is being received from a different transmitter, resulting in a group of channels suffering poor signal quality and picture break up. Read on to learn how to fix this problem quickly and easily...

TV Reception Problems in the East Midlands

In south Leicestershire and north Northamptonshire you may be getting ITV Anglia News and BBC1 East from Sandy Heath. In Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire you may also be picking up Sutton Coldfield and getting Central West Midlands News from Birmingham and BBC1 West Midlands.

In Nottingham and east Nottinghamshire (Bingham, Newark) you may be receiving Yorkshire TV and BBC1 North, from the Belmont transmitter in Lincolnshire, instead of from the East Midlands region. Worksop in north Nottinghamshire may also pick up Yorkshire TV from the Emley Moor Transmitter.

How to Solve Wrong ITV or BBC Region

First, you will need to delete all existing installed digital channels from your TV, set top box or PVR. This will remove unwanted channels from the different region/s, which are stored in memory. If you have a Freeview PVR or YouView box, the procedure below will not delete recordings and is safe to do.

If you don't know how to delete the Channel List (I.E. remove all channels) on your equipment, we recommend that you do an 'automatic tune' with no aerial lead connected (I.E. aerial cable unplugged), as this usually wipes all the existing channels from the EPG.

The tuning menu of any modern flat screen TV or Set Top Box can be usually be found under "Setup" > "Installation" or there might be a spanner on-screen icon when you press "Menu" on your handset. If a password is required to access the Installation menu - try "0000" or "1234" as these are the normal defaults.

At the end of the automatic tune (with the TV aerial disconnected) the TV or set top box will report that it cannot find any digital TV channels - this is to be expected - then just press "Enter" or 'OK'.

To re-install Waltham channels, you'll then need to do a "manual tune" or "manual installation" and enter the UHF channel number of each Waltham transmitter multiplex in turn. The UHF channel numbers you'll need are as follows:

UHF Channel No. Channels on this Multiplex...
Ch26 Notts TV etc
Ch29 ITV3 etc
Ch31 *Freeview HD services*
BBC Four HD, BBC News HD etc
Ch37 Other Freeview HD services
Ch49 BBC One East Midlands, BBC Two etc
Ch54 Ch4, Ch5, ITV Central East, ITV2 etc
Ch56 Dave, Pick etc
Ch57 ITV4 etc
Ch58 *Freeview HD only*

First manual tune Ch26 and let your equipment find and install the TV channels on this multiplex, then tune Ch29, Ch31, Ch37, Ch49, Ch54, then Ch56 etc.

You'll only need to install Ch37 and Ch58 if you have Freeview HD compatible TV or Set Top Box which is designed for the DVB-T2 service. Standard definition TV's may not show a signal on Freeview HD multiplex channels. When all multiplexes have been scanned and all channels installed, hit 'Enter' or 'OK' on your handset.

Your TV or Set Top Box should now be properly tuned to East Midlands TV services, as this process will only install TV channels from Waltham. This should fix the problem of receiving the wrong regional news.

Of course, if you get a poor signal from Waltham, you may need to upgrade your aerial or check your coverage of your postcode at Digital UK.

If you still need help or the above retuning procedure didn't solve your Freeview reception problems, we recommend you try the Manual Retuning Page on Digital UK.

Aerial Type for Waltham

Note that a wideband aerial is needed to receive the Waltham transmitter. Older aerials, installed for the now-discontinued analogue TV service, may be of Group C/D type. These will get a poor signal on Ch26 and Ch29. A suitable high gain aerial for Waltham Freeview reception is the Triax 52 wideband.

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