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Poor Waltham Reception?

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Digital TV transmits groups of channels in "multiplexes", with each multiplex occupying one UHF channel. Main UK TV transmitters, like Waltham on the Wolds transmit 9 multiplexes.

Unfortunately, the UHF channel allocations of some of these digital multiplexes changes fairly frequently, as portions of the TV spectrum are sold off for alternative use. The latest changes in 2018 are being made to clear a range of 700MHz frequencies for future mobile data services. See more information about 700MHz Clearance in the Central region and how it will affect your reception.

Please refer to your equipment user manual or visit Digital UK's Retuning Guide for more information about how to retune your particular TV or YouView Freeview recorder.

Waltham Transmitter Coverage Area

The Waltham transmitter serves Nottingham, Leicester and the East Midlands, including north Northamptonshire (with fringe coverage of Wellingborough, Corby and Kettering). In addition, it also serves parts of south and east Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. UHF multiplex channel numbers for the Waltham transmitter are given in the table below.

A high gain wideband TV aerial is required for good reception. Existing aerials pointed at the Waltham transmitter may be legacy Group CD types, which will not provide good reception of Freeview channels on SDN, ARQ A, COM7 and Local Multiplexes.

To check whether you are in the Waltham transmitter coverage area enter your postcode at the Freeview site by clicking here. For long distance Freeview coverage predictions for Waltham click here.

Receiving the Wrong BBC or ITV Region?

We are aware that some viewers in the East Midlands continue to receive the wrong BBC or ITV region.

If your aerial points at the Waltham transmitter (near Melton Mowbray) and you don't get East Midlands Today on BBC1 and Central East Midlands ITV for your local news - instead receiving Anglia, Yorkshire or West Midlands programming - click here for retuning help to solve the problem.

Channel Allocations

Waltham Digital Multiplexes - UHF Channel Numbers - updated 17/03/18
UHF Ch49 UHF Ch54- UHF Ch58 UHF Ch29 UHF Ch37 UHF Ch57
COM7 HD COM8 HD LOC1      
UHF Ch31 UHF Ch56 UHF Ch26      

Waltham Freeview Reception Problems

Many of the existing TV aerials in service which will be of a Group C/D type previously installed for the analogue TV transmissions from Waltham. These aerials, if retained, will lead to Freeview reception problems, since Group C/D aerials are optimised for UHF channels 52 - 68. However, the Waltham transmitter now utilises UHF channels well outside this range.

If some Waltham Freeview channels are missing from your digital TV channel line up, start by checking your aerial. If you are getting Freeview reception problems and you're well inside the service area of the transmitter, it is likely that your existing TV aerial is an old Group C/D type, installed many years ago prior to the launch of Freeview. In this case, you'll need to buy a high gain wideband aerial suitable for Waltham reception and get it installed by a CAI registered aerial contractor. Alternatively, if you live in a good Freeview signal area, you could try installing a loft aerial yourself.

Some wideband aerials work less well on the low number UHF channels. A recent Freeview installation that I did in Bingham, Nottinghamshire showed lower signal quality readings on the UHF Channel 29 Freeview multiplex. The best way around this is to get a high gain wideband aerial like a Triax UNIX52 Aerial fitted which is better suited to fringe reception areas.

Wrong Regional Programming?

In some parts of Derbyshire, east Nottinghamshire, Freeview reception from the Belmont Transmitter (Yorkshire TV) and Sutton Coldfield transmitter is possible and some set top boxes or TV's may erroneously tune to the wrong transmitter. If you are in the East Midlands and receive the wrong regional programmes read our help guide to fix the problem.


The information contained in this page is provided in good faith and is accurate to the best of our ability. No guarantees are offered concerning accuracy of information provided.

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